More and more of you are asking me about this book and telling me that you’re looking forward to reading it. It’s very touching and motivates me to get on with this project, which is a real challenge, to tell the truth.

On this page you’ll find a summary of the book, an update on the progress of the project and a list of the wonderful people on board with me, all of whom I’d like to thank wholeheartedly.

You can also pre-order the book before its publication at the end of August and read the introduction.  

See you soon 🙂


6 years have passed since the obvious fact that I would write a book and the first line written on my reMarkable on 28 August 2022. I was travelling in the plane that took me to Ireland for 10 months with my youngest daughter, Léonie, while I left my eldest, Charlotte, in Switzerland.

This book is first of all its own story. Then it is the story of a project, a career path, a childhood, a love life, a life as a mother, profound personal transformations and a journey.

In short, this book is my story 🙂

As a hypersensitive child despite a strong character, suffering from mood swings and emptiness, feeling out of step, I tried to understand life from a very young age and I quickly understood that the way to « feel good » was through personal transformation. I worked part-time from the age of 15 to 31 before putting a lid on any such process for 14 years. I was then 45 years old, everything seemed to be perfect in my life and yet I was slowly dying.

In 2014, I was reborn thanks to a simple email that made me take off like a rocket to make up for lost time and move full time towards my quest for well-being, fullness, wisdom, joy, lightness and inner peace. My goal: to feel good in whatever situation life throws at me, taking full responsibility. Without a doubt, this is the most rocky and wonderful path that has made me, at 54, the fulfilled woman I am today.

I share in all authenticity and humility.

With love for me, for you and for the world.


Progress of the project

Update 28 August 2023

It’s exactly a year since we left ! So many goals achieved for my daughters and myself 🙂 You can find details on the instagram account « loin.de.la« .

As far as the book is concerned, I celebrated the end of writing on 11 April in Blackrock.

On May 3rd, on the advice of Cécile Neuville from Zen Pro, I sent the synopsis of the book to Editions Maïa, asking them if they might be interested in my project, which they confirmed immediately. I received a positive reply from them on 22 May 🥳 and signed the contract on 13 June. It’s all so incredible! I still can’t believe it 🙂

The pre-sale campaign for the book started on 23 June and closed on 10 July already after reaching 180% of the target set thanks to 45 contributors. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

The project is now in the hands of the layout and proofreading department. After a long period of calm… due to the holidays, the cover page is almost ready. For my part, having benefited from the invaluable help of Caroline and Sylvie, an assiduous proof-reader, I polished off the final proof-reading.

I had the immense pleasure of receiving two prefaces, from my dear friend Caroline and Cécile Neuville. I hope the publisher will accept this special feature 😉

The text was finally sent out on 14 August, a great milestone !
We still need to find out when the book will be published… and plan a date to distribute it to the many people who have already bought their copy.

All good reasons to rejoice 🙂

The crew members

This kind of project cannot be done alone. As it progresses, members join the team to my great pleasure. To date, I count on the help of :

  • My sister Valérie Neueuschwander, writing support, advice and first proofreading.
  • Carole Monnier (Parker), le styloplume first tips proofreading.
  • Corinne, Caroline, Nadine, my friend Valérie and Mathilde,  proof reading team.
  • Delphine Kolly, DKartouche, cover page and graphic design.
  • Claude Rouiller, CRwebdesign, help in the realization of this page.
  • Danielle Fournier, Ballon Forme, unfailing moral support and help with accommodation. 


In addition to the crew members, there are many other people present who I also consider to be valuable supporters :

Charlotte, Léonie, Frédéric, Denis, Liz, Emma, Mark, Caroline,  Angélique, Kim, Michael, Carmel, John, Danielle, Fergal, Shannon, Sylvie, Brian, Cécile, Nial, Olive, Nik.

Contributors :
Nicole, Nadine, Laurent, Frédéric, Hélène, Sylvie, Steve, Virginie, Jonathan, Ikerne, Victor, Véronique, Laurence, Laurette, Nohémie, Christelle, Alexandra, Luz, Begoña, Rime, Carine, Catherine, Maryline, Fanny, Nadia, Nathalie, Anne, Patricia, Chantal, Valérie, Delphine, Pamela, Sophie, Nadine, Evelyne, Baptiste, Christelle, Alexandra, Malika, Carole, Marion, Claire, David, Sabine, Dominique

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What a pleasure to imagine my book in your hands! You are about to dive into my world, a world that combines my passion for Bebloom (the company I created and with which I am completely identified) and my entire life path, divided into different chapters.

Throughout the pages, I offer you a chronological journey back in time through my professional career, my childhood, my loves, my life as a mother and my personal transformations.

I also present the story of the book itself and the journey that allowed me to bring it to life.

I have written this book for you, with an open heart, and with my best energy. I share my experiences in a very personal way, in all sincerity, simplicity and authenticity, without any literary pretension. Is it an autobiography, a diary? A testimony? A conversation with you? It’s hard to say…

Living this writing adventure and giving birth to this book was like a call, with the sole conviction that somewhere in these pages there is a message just for you, an information that will be useful to you, that will allow you to become aware or to change your point of view. A few words from my heart that may allow you to change something in your life. Or not…

In the summer of 2016, I experienced a very particular situation (my first 24 hours alone in a chic hotel-spa) during which I felt a strong urge to shout my enthusiasm from the rooftops. I had this strange feeling that information wanted to come out of me through every pore of my skin…

The seed that was planted at that moment was the seed of sharing, of communicating constantly.

Little by little, I did this through newsletters, youtube videos, Bebloom podcasts, conferences, but also through different courses and many conversations with friends and strangers I met by chance.

This book is just another channel of communication and exchange. The content is always the same… the form is a « Dianerie », this woman who listens to her heart and humbly follows her intuition!

As I imagine you reading this book, I see you putting it down by your side and :

  • Take the time to listen to the podcast episode that refers to the situation mentioned.
  • Search for information to learn more about a topic I mention that interests you.
  • Call or email me when something strikes you or you want to know more or just share your feelings. I look forward to talking with you!

I have a deep conviction that what is expected of me on this planet is to find out how to feel good in all circumstances. So I spend all my time putting my own house in order and doing the personal transformation work necessary to move step by step in this direction, using the roller coaster that daily life puts in my way.

The purpose of this book is not to take revenge on life or anyone else. I am at peace with all the experiences I have had so far. Therefore, even though it is very personal, I have taken great care to avoid mentioning details that would not shed the best light on certain people or situations.

I wish you a wonderful journey!

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